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How to filter a linked database in Notion

In Notion linked database templates are also known as self referential filters and you can add them to templates.

In Notion you can set a default filter in a database template. This is useful in numerous situations, for instance with a project management database. With a database template, you can create a feature that adds each new customer to the project management database. By doing this, you can select a new customer in a project and the projects also appear in the customer database.

Let’s see how this works.

First, create we create a new page and call it CRM. On this page, we add two databases named Customers and Projects. For this example, we use an inline database, but other types also work.

create inline database in Notion

Now we create a relation between these two new databases:

  1. In Projects, add a new property (column) with the plus sign.
  2. We name this property Customers.
  3. Change the type of the property to Relation and select the Customers database that we created.
add new property to Notion database

Filter a linked database template

With the Relation between the two databases in place, we’re going to create a database template in the Customers database.

  • Go to the Customers database and open a record.
  • Select ‘create a template’ and name in New Customer.
  • In the template, we add a Linked database and select the Projects database
add linked database to a Notion template
  • Create a new filter for the property Customers (this is our linked database).
filter a property in a Notion database
  • And set the filter to New Customer.

You now have a linked database with a filter. Let’s see it in action.

  • Create a new customer.
  • Open the customer and select the New Customer template.
create new customer in Notion

Notion will link the filtered database to the new customer. You can now add a new project to the database.

add new item to Notion database

When inspecting the Projects database you will see the new project including its relation to the new customer.

Self referential filters

The linked database templates are also known as self referential filters and are useful in Notion when you create tools for CRM and project management. It eliminates the need for saving data in multiple databases. All your Notion tools will have one and the same record for each item. For a CRM, this ranges from contact details to notes and from projects to sales funnel.

It’s now up to your imagination what you build with these filters in linked databases.

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