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The combination of Command browser and Notion is great for research

There are tools that can do a lot, but you can’t fit it in your workflow. That was the case with Notion for me. I saw the potential, I just didn’t have a use case for it. But that has changed because of the Notion web clipper. It lets you organize the clips in a database in a way that is better than apps like Evernote and Bear do. Related to that is the use of Command browser with Notion. This duo makes research and collecting information a breeze.

Command browser is a browser for iPad and iOS. That’s nothing new, what is new is the way it lets you read and save information.

In Command, you read web pages like you do in Safari. Other than in Safari you don’t see all your open tabs. It lets you focus on the page you’re reading. Switching to another tab is more cumbersome than in Safari. For someone who’s easily distracted, that’s a welcome feature.

Research in Command browser

What makes Command stand out is the feature with selecting text. It shows a context menu for the selected text for a Google search or highlighting the text. Highlighted text offers the option for adding a note or tag. Command saves these, together with the highlighted text.

Selected text in Command browser
Highlighted text in Command browser

You can navigate to your saved pages and highlights. You can search it and on its own it makes Command a nice reference tool. What makes it great is that you can connect Command to your Notion account. This connection turns your highlights in a Notion database. All highlights of an article are one page in Notion including a link to the original article.

Menu in Command browser
Searchable highlights in Command browser
Command browser highlights shown in Notion

The combination of Command browser and Notion

With the combination of Command browser with Notion I do the reading on the couch from my iPhone or iPad. When I’m back at my laptop I open Notion and select the tag I need for showing the collected information.

Besides Notion you can also sync your highlights with Readwise and Remnote.

Command browser is a onetime purchase and offers a free trial. It’s regular price is € 10,99 but early users buy it for € 7,99. I think that’s a steal.

I tried other workflows in the past, but none of them can match the ease of use of this combo. It are tools like Command and Notion that make me love tech.