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Resolving input lag on an external monitor with laptop

Windows laptops can have severe input lag when hooked up to an external monitor. Here’s a quick fix that solved it for me.

Lag is one of the most annoying things on a pc and I had it every time I hooked up my Windows laptop to an external monitor. A quick Google learned that I wasn’t the only one experiencing that issue. It made using an external monitor unworkable for me because even something as typing in OneNote had lag. Not all the time, but when it happened it could take up to a few seconds before typed text appeared on the screen.

My Windows laptop is an MSI GE65 with an Nvidia RTX2060. Diving into Google and Reddit taught me that I was by far the only one that experienced lag and the dedicated Nvidia GPU seemed to be the issue. I found lots of potential solutions, but none of them worked. Until I tried something simple: disabling fast startup. That did the trick and this is how you do it:

Open Windows Settings and go to System and Power & Sleep. In the right sidebar you select Additional power settings.

Windows settings window

This opens a legacy settings window. Now you select Choose what the power buttons do.

Windows power options window

The lower part of the window shows Shutdown settings. Deselect Turn on fast startup. By default, this is grayed out. To edit these settings, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Windows additional power options window

I haven’t noticed any lag since disabling Fast startup. If you have the same problems as I had, you should give this fix a try.