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A Notion template that keeps you focused when working on projects and research

This Notion template keeps me focused when working projects and research. It covers notes, task, articles, planning, and more.

When I’m working on a project, I want to get rid of all distractions. In my case, that means closing as many apps as possible and preferably do everything from one app. That can be challenging because when I’m writing I often also use notes, a to-do list, and articles for research. That’s why I made a Notion template for personal projects and research. It’s my tool for focus.

The idea behind this Notion template is that I only need one app for what I’m working on. That reduces the risk of distraction. Because when I’m checking on notes in a notes app, chances are that another note triggers me. And I digress when it has my attention.

This template covers most of my work in a project.

Screen shot of the Works Notion template


The home dashboard covers everything to get me started.

  • A section for a general of quick note, which I use for some general thoughts.
  • Buttons for quick navigation to the different sections.
  • My latest notes.
  • Articles that are recently added.
  • A list of tasks that are (almost) due.
  • A calendar that shows the planning of my tasks.

In practice, I only use the calendar with large projects.


My work and life relies on notes. I write down everything so that I don’t have to remember things. This gives me peace of mind, reduces stress, and I get more work done.

The notes are stored in a database with an option to categorise them with tags. And for each note, it shows the last edit date.

One of the reasons I like Notion for research is the way you can use articles in notes. I create backlinks or copy items from an article and paste them as a synced block in a note.

Save articles to Notion

I save those articles to the Reads database. The web clipper lets you clip articles on your Mac or PC by adding the Notion extension to your browser. On iPhone, iPad, and Android, you save content to Notion through the Share sheet. It’s not perfect, but gets the job done. This feature allows me to build a database with all content related to a project.

To do’s

I add all my to do’s for a project to the Tasks database and give them a due date. The template lets me view the to do’s in a board or lists filtered by due date. The dashboard shows all current tasks that I have to finish within a week.


All those articles and notes will lead to a document or article. When I’m using this template, I also do the writing in Notion. That’s where the Paper page comes in. It’s just an empty page for writing.

When I need to do more research on an item, I create a note with a backlink from the section that needs more work. That way, I just have to click the backlink for accessing the additional notes. It makes it easy to go back and forward.

Get this Notion template for free

I use Notion for specific tasks, so for me the templates I create work more like an app. Just like this one, and you can get this Notion template for free. You download it through Gumroad.

Download the template on Gumroad