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How to back up photos on iPhone and iPad outside of iCloud

The default place for saving photos on iPhone and iPad is iCloud. With this Shortcut you create an extra backup for your photos.
3 min read

A deep dive into Apple Notes and how I use it in my work

Apple Notes offers a ton of features without getting complicated, including a great OCR feature. Let's see why it's my #1 productivity app.
6 min read

A Notion template that keeps you focused when working on projects and research

This Notion template keeps me focused when working projects and research. It covers notes, task, articles, planning, and more.
2 min read

How to setup WordPress local on a Mac

Setup WordPress local on a M1 Mac with the terminal in just 5 steps. It's easy and works better than XAMPP or MAMP.
3 min read

How to filter a linked database in Notion

In Notion linked database templates are also known as self referential filters and you can add them to templates.
2 min read

Disable Edge and Bing for search with Microsoft PowerToys

One of the most annoying things in Windows is that it forces you to use Microsoft Edge and Bing. You can disable that with PowerToys Run.
2 min read

Horizon Workrooms: is VR the future of remote work?

Is VR the future of remote work? Horizon Workrooms takes collaboration and meetings to the next level.
2 min read

How does memory work on a Mac and how much do you need?

How much memory does my MacBook need? The answer is not straightforward and depends on your workflow and your computer habits. Let's look how it works in macOS
5 min read

Why OneNote is the best note-taking app when it comes to accessibility

Microsoft OneNote leads when it comes to accessibility features in note-taking apps. You can fully use it without a mouse and it's one of the reasons why I'm using OneNote.
3 min read

Prevent Windows form waking up from sleep

Windows can wake up from sleep randomly. There are two settings in Power Options that can prevent this.
1 min read